Welcome to Ratapiko School

"Strive for Excellence in all we do"

Welcome to 2020!

About Us:

Ratapiko School is located 15 minutes south-east from Inglewood, Taranaki.

Ratapiko School has had two classrooms since March 2018. Tui Room has Years 1 - 3 and Kiwi Room has Year 4-8. Our school is set in pleasant rural surroundings. Currently we have 30 students with our roll continuing to increase, with additional New Entrants to enter throughout the rest of the year.

At Ratapiko School the children and their learning come first. We incorporate all things that are excellent about rural schools as well as keeping up with modern educational and teaching trends. We look after each other, and are tolerant of individual differences, fostering a caring family environment where students can be themselves.

Our teaching approach is to teach each child to their individual ability levels and to design programmes that suit their individual needs. The programmes are designed to give the students an all-round education.

Parents and the community play an essential role in the everyday life of our school.

The staff are motivated, enthusiastic, professional, caring and skilled in their roles as educators.

In July of last year we had our Education Review Office review and received a great report. Please find the link to access our results. https://www.ero.govt.nz/review-reports/ratapiko-school-21-08-2019/

Our Core Values:

"2020 has been a year of many changes and we are in the process of investigating how our Vision and Values represent us. Do they inspire us now?

We held a community meeting November 6th, 2020 to share with our whánau the work the tamariki have been doing around the vision: 'Striving for excellence in all we do' and our values: Respect-Whakaute - Showing that I care for myself, others and the environment, Responsibility - Takahanga - Being accountable for my words and actions., and Ready to Learn-Takatu Ako - Being willing to try new activities and ideas for myself or in a group.

The tamariki shared with the community their ideas for a new vision which holds to the old but highlights the new:

Tō tātau Whānau kura, Tō tātau Wahi Āko, Tō tātau Mana. Our People, Our Place, Our Pride.

our new values:

Māia – Confident Being be brave, bold and capable.

Ākonga - Learner Being active and engaged in my learning.

Manaakitanga – Caring Being inclusive and showing respect.

Whanaungatanga – Connected Being open to working with others.

We are looking forward to feedback from our whánau and talking more with them on the mahi still have to do. Our senior ákonga are designing new motifs to support the values.

These two images are for

Kia Māia – Be Confident

These two images are for:

Kia Whanaungatanga – Be Connected

A highlight of the 2020 year is receiving our Silver Enviro Award.

We have been working towards this over the past twelve months and celebrated the achievement on October 14th.


Ratapiko School: Sustainability efforts earns school silver enviro award

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