What happened in 2019?

A highlight of the 2019 year was our involvement with the welcome of the Taranaki Iwi to the Tu Mai Taranaki event at our marae: Te Upoko o te Whenua Marae in November 2019.

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for more! What a fabulous day

Term 4 -

Where in the world is Ratapiko? Building our bottle house.

This term we had two focuses: one was connecting to our cultural proactiveness learning and the other to our environmental focus.

Our cultural focus was broadening our knowledge of our world: where places are, i.e. France, Africa, Argentina... Each week we travelled to a continent or country and explored their language, foods, climate, money, animals, dances etc ... all the ways that make a country and it's culture unique. We travelled the world virtually, exploring and investigating each place. Week 1 we explored New Zealand (learning where cities are and our kiwiana. Week 2: Asia, Week: 3 Middle East, Week 4: Europe, Week 5: Africa, Week: 6 North America, Week 7: Central America, Week 8: Russia, Week 9: Antarctica / Australia, and Week 10: the North Pole!

Alongside the touring we designed and built our bottle house. We collected over 1000 1.5litre fizzy drink bottles (throughout 2018/2019) to make the house. We purchased timber and were fortunate to have some donated as well as the clearlite roofing product which dictated the size 3m x 1.6m. Mr Callender and his friend built the structure for us and then the children worked on threading the cleaned bottles onto bamboo (donated by the Marriner family). We made 9 panels and Mr Callender again helped us to insert these. In 2020 we will complete it by stringing (winding cut fizzy bottles) to strengthen the panels.





Term 3 -

Garden Reshaping

Our Garen reshaping project with  Inglewood High School students. Here is the children's collaborative pieces sharing the  process and the work the children did through their eyes.

Sites again
Sites again
Tree planting.
31st July from the ‘Paper for Trees’ project

Term 3 -

Tree planting

Term 2 -

Cultural Proactiveness

We had a busy term with our focus being Culturally Aware and Proactive in our actions and understandings. 

We looked at all the cultures that migrated to Aotearoa to make this place their home and how we need to value and accept others beliefs and values to truly walk together as New Zealanders. 

Week 1 -2 we worked with Nicholas Paris from Columbia working through the Govett Brewster Art Gallery.  We  also visited Puke Ariki's education programme about Early Settlers.

For the rest of the term  we are explored  New Zealand – Who was here pre 1840? What were they here for? How did the treaty come about?  In Week 9, Hadley Amaru  (parent) created a play for the children which looked at the first encounters between Maori and Pakeha and the challenges this bought to both cultures.

During the term we have learnt our kura pepeha as well as waiata, karakia and we are able to use Te Reo in everyday activities.

Farm Safety.

We had a range of speakers and visitors sharing how to keep ourselves safe on the farm.

We learnt about predator trapping, how Rural Support work to help keep our farming communities well-being strong, how to be safe around machinery (large and small i.e. tractors, farm bikes, chainsaws, power tools ), how to be safe on and around a farm identifying hazards (i.e. around stock, in the milking shed, around electric fences, dogs... ) we even had a visit from a dog ranger and her dog. It was a great day!


Farm Machinery

Safety with  and around machines

Identifying hazards on the farm