Pizza Making

Term 3

Our focus this term was to use the Pizza Oven that we had made in Term 2 to cook pizzas.


“Look at all of that cheese and pineapple, bacon and ham... Yum!”.

On September the 26, our school had made the best pizzas ever with our handmade pizza oven.

A few weeks ago we made bread with yeast to see what would happen. Yeast makes dough rise and we learnt about how temperature affects this. When it was the day to make the pizzas we used 4 types of pizza dough.

The juniors made one which was from cauliflower. The middles made one using Greek Yogurt, the Seniors used butter, and Nikki made one with milk. All of the pizzas had different ingredients which made them all unique. One person mixed the dough and the others put on the ingredients. We found using the pizza oven enhanced the flavours of each base.

It was scrum-diddly-umptuous!