Bird Feeders

Term 2 

Our focus was utilising the Technology Curriculum to 

 The first shared project was to design a shelter for the Pizza Oven. The children learnt about the design process and how to: use an an idea, create a design to meet the design purpose using a brief. We worked as a group to model, explore and support each other in the design, create and build stage as we were all learning new ideas. We thank Mr Mike Packman and Mr Alec Marshall for supporting us in learning the language and art of building.

 The children were then asked to work individually to design and build a bird feeder for their garden at home.

 The children began by - investigating what type of birds they would want to feed as this would inform the design they would use.

The children found out that: native birds do not like to feed from enclosed spaces, all the birds ate different things, and they needed a feeder that suited the specific bird they wanted to feed. 

The children were focusing on: Tui, Kereru and Piwakawaka. The children then realised they would need to research the types of designs that would best suit the bird they wanted to attract into their garden.

Nectar - the Tui                                                               
Seeds - Kereru 
Insects - Piwakawaka (Fantails)   
Checking out designs

Once the children investigated the designs they wanted they then: identified what materials to use, drew a plan to show dimensions, and identified the tools they would need to complete their design. 

Then they got building... (sometimes with assistance when a power tool was required!)  

We had a range of creations...

Nectar feeders  
Nectar feeders  
Seed feeders 
Seed feeders 
Seed feeders 
Fruit Feeders

We reflected on how it all worked and all of the children enjoyed creating their feeders.