What happened in 2018?

Term 1, 2018 Highlights

Camp in Goat Island in December

At the end of 2017 we were offered to join the Marine Education Programme through the Department of Conservation to snorkel at Goat Island in Auckland. As a community we will be raising funds to take the whole school to this wonderful learning opportunity.

Over the term we joined David and have learnt how to snorkel. We snorkelled in our own school pool and then onto the Aquatic Centre to dive in the big pool. We also snorkelled in our local Marine Reserve at Ngamotu. 

We cannot wait to learn more and visit Goat Island. At the end of the year we'll share our findings with the community in our final assembly.

Term 2, 2018 Highlights

Technology Design

 We focused this term on a technology unit around identifying a need, developing a plan, designing and making a product and reflecting on the design.

The children worked with the teachers on the first two projects learning the processes and language i.e. design brief, prototype, purpose, materials and evaluating.

Our first design brief was to create the shelter for the Pizza Oven (also made with Peter Heard in Term 2).

Our second project was to rehouse the bird Avery.

Lastly the children designed, made and reflected on their own bird feeder. We had timber donated from Value Timber in Inglewood.

The children investigated what type of feeder would suit the native birds living at and around our school. We had a selection of seed, fruit and nectar feeders created.

They learnt about working with wood and measuring accurately! 

 Term 3, 2018  Highlights

Designing and cooking Pizza!

The children learnt how to use our pizza oven. They explored how the different types of pizza bases worked and which one worked best. We made a range of dough's using yeast and even cauliflower too.The children investigated through science: how bread is made, what yeast does and what types of chemical reactions happen. We investigated materials and their properties and how these can be changed through heat as well.  We made many types of pizza and even the Macaroni and Cheese, it was delicious!