School and Community Newsletters 2020

Our school and community newsletters come out every fortnight. We share the Principals message, children's successes, a featured story or event and community notices. We acknowledge our wonderful sponsors who make this newsletter possible. 

If you have anything to add to a newsletter, please contact Jan at the office. 

February 27th 2020.pdf
March 12th 2020.pdf
June 4th 2020.pdf
June 18th 2020.pdf
July 1st 2020.pdf
July 30th 2020.pdf
August 20th 2020.pdf
September 3rd 2020.pdf
September 24th 2020.pdf
October 22nd 2020.pdf
November 13th 2020.pdf
December 3rd 2020.pdf
December 15th 2020.pdf

Hope you have enjoyed sharing the news with us in 2020.