Term 3, 2021

Naming the Kiwi

In the first five weeks of this term we were given the opportunity to name the six kiwi that are being rehomed by the Purangi Trust.

Our tamariki were organised into teams and set about creating a name for the kiwi from the blurb provided, they each had a different transmitter number. We put forward 7 names, (two groups worked on the same kiwi.)

We were lucky enough to name three of the kiwi outright - transmitter number 54 named Hoa-Nui, transmitter number 78 named Utus the Brutus, transmitter number 85. One of our other schools suggeset Pakiki transmitter number45 so we share the naming.

We are so proud of our tamariki and of the entries that didn't quite make the cut too.


Transmitter number 54

Utus the Brutus

Transmitter number 78

Koru Koru

Transmitter number 85


Transmitter number 45

(shared name) had been for no. 64


Transmitter number 45

1 Waewaenui

Transmitter number 94


Transmitter number 94

The tamariki worked very hard on all

of their presentations.

These were independent projects

kaiako only helped to edit and

prepare for uploading.

Term 2, 2021

We continued our journey within the New Zealand Histories draft curriculum to weave the three elements: to learn, know and do. We trialled the document to feed back as a kura to the Ministry at the end of May.

We learnt new karakia, waiata, local stories and a new mihi that shares who we are, where our ancestors were from and where we live i.e. Ko Lisa tōku ingoa, Nō Ingarihi ōku tipuna, Kei te noho au ki Ngaere.

We built our understanding of how NZ history has been shaped, how NZ has been and still is impacted by colonisation. We mapped our histories from before Cook arrived, learning about the significant dates around: Te Tiriti o Waitangi, the landwars and other significant events.

Early day writing

Term 1, 2021


We were excited to start the year with an integrated unit of work called Kōkōkaha. It is a unit that focused on the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) associated with harnessing the wind. Kōkōkaha's learning experiences provided our tamariki with the skills and knowledge to design their own technologies to harness the power of the wind.

Kōkōkaha enable our children to have a sailing experiences too.

Kaydin sailing
Savannahc Sailing

Enviro work

The tamariki have continued working on all our enviro projects - school ground beautification, collection of our kowhai seeds, moving the mulch from tree work to create a hut area, planting and propergating seeds for our vege garden and so much more...

Moving the mulch

Weeding after the holidays

Replanting the gardens

Weeding the millennial garden trees

Re barking the bottle house

Moving the compost

Tidying the compost bins

Continuing our trapping

Enviro jobs
Bottle house Mulchefieng
enviro day

Kapa Haka online

We have begun learning through the VLV (Virtual Learning Network) for Kapa Haka.

We are learning tikanga Mā ori, waiata, haka and karakia. We have made our own poi to use during these learning sessions.

Sewing the poi

Plaiting the cord

A new karakia

E rere taku poi

how to make poi
Making poi